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The way we narrate our lore will be unique, you connect with the story, support a faction, and also have an impact on how the story develops, here is a short description on our factions and what to expect : The Berserkers a tribe of fierce warriors led by the barbarian queen Eira. They were people of the land, and they had a deep connection to nature. They believed that strength and courage were the most important virtues, and they lived by a code of honor that was unwavering. Eira was a queen who led by example, charging into battle with her people and inspiring them to greatness. She believed that the Berserkers were the true heroes of the land, and she would stop at nothing to protect her people. The Technos were people of the future, Lead by Dr. Xander. They believed that technology was the key to unlocking the universe's secrets, and they had created machines that could do things that were once thought impossible. Dr. Xander was a visionary who saw the potential in every machine he created. He believed that the Technos were destined to rule the world, and he would do whatever it takes to make that happen.
The Undead on the other hand, were people of darkness. A twisted group and their undead minions. They had been banished to the farthest reaches of the world, but they had found a way back and were now seeking to conquer everything that stands in their way. Their leader, a necromancer known as the Dread Lord, was a terrifying figure who had long ago given up his humanity in his quest for power. He was surrounded by an army of undead warriors, who were twisted and warped beyond recognition.