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is a unique platform designed for people in the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) space, that rewards alpha callers, and the community.
Alpha callers are individuals who identify and recommend NFT collections to buy at a specific prices with the primary goal of generating profit. Undead Alpha brings together a community of alpha callers and individuals looking for profitable opportunities in the NFT market, making it easier to follow/take an alpha call, while avoiding the messy discord ping. The platform is going to launch at V0.1. V0.2 is a work in progress.. an update that brings a big impact and change how people take alpha calls, simplifying it in a way never seen before!
Community-driven platform: Undead Alpha is a platform that fosters a strong sense of community by connecting alpha callers with users who are looking for valuable NFT investment opportunities.
Alpha Calls: Alpha calls are the core component of the platform. These are recommendations made by experienced alpha callers, who suggest NFT collections to buy at specific prices with the intent of generating profit.
Alpha Caller Profiles: Alpha callers have a dedicated profiles showcasing their track record, expertise, and performance statistics. This helps users make informed decisions when choosing which alpha caller to follow or trust.
Ranking System: The platform features a ranking system that rates alpha callers based on their success, accuracy, and overall performance. This helps users identify top-performing alpha callers and follow their recommendations. Some rewards and benefits for the top callers are going to be available each month.
Customizable Alerts: Users can set up custom alerts to stay informed about new alpha calls, NFT market news, and updates on the current calls.

Undead Arena

Undead area is a new and fun way to bet, we've all seen enough of the typical coin flips, where you play against a bot. In the undead arena you will be battling against real players for a chance to win SOL.
Undead Arena have 5 battle rooms, each room has a different minimum bet level, and the capacity to have 20 battles at the same time. (V0.1)
The dynamic of the game is simple. Winner takes all. The smart contract is designed in a way that the chances of winning are always 50/50.
V0.2 is on the making

Undead Boutique

The space already had enough of common and boring trait shops. Undead Boutique is the elite of the traits store, a new dynamic way to build an NFT from scratch with which you can win, NFT, USDC, SOL, TOKENS. (more details to be announced after mint)


List2Earn is a bot designed by our team of developers to deal with the famous paper hands that are in all the projects. (more details to be announced after mint)


In Undead, we believe that the space has already been damaged enough by "Promoters", promoting random things, just to make their cut, not caring about the damage it deals to the space and communities. This inspired us into ​​creating Artia, a new marketing tool never seen before in the NFT space, which allows founders of projects to be able to do promotional campaigns, and real marketing. This tool is going to allow founders to see real results and real numbers. We hope that with this, we can get those "Promoters" that have done so much damage to the ecosystem out of the NFT space, and at the same time generate an income not only for our holders but to all the other communities/projects that takes part of this tool. (more details to be announced after mint)


A web3 incubator supported by Undead. Our team understands the hardships that founders go through to build a successful project and attract a strong community of supporters. Sol-incubator is backed up by an experienced team of artists, designers, entrepreneurs, builders and developers and aims to provide a one-stop solution for NFT projects. Services such as marketing, community growth and engagement, Discord server creation and maintenance, art creation, art upgrade and much more are provided to creators and entrepreneurs.

Undead's Trust Trace

We're tired of founders doxxing then rugging, and getting away with it. The Trust Trace is a new and revolutionary dox system. Changing the way we dox, as well as taking the proper actions when illegal activity occurs. (more details to be announced after mint)
"I hope you understand that we prioritize security measures to protect our ideas and utilities from potential theft, therefore we cannot provide more information and a deep description of the tool. However detailed description is going to be available once the tools are ready to go live. We want you to know that each little tool/utility is in V0.1 and that V0.2 is currently in development detailed info TBA. Also we decided to create three factions for Undead because it simplifies revenue shares and allows for greater rewards. More details on what tool to belongs to what faction soon."